Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the Flat file project

At the studio, Liz has starting the flat file project, very similar to the Boston drawing project, started by Bernard Toale and James Hull in 1999 with the intention of “bringing together a group of artists, collectors and curators…to stimulate critical discussion in Boston’s cultural

So Liz is trying to do something similar with the members of the studio, it'll allow our work to be presented and purchased in a non-conventional setting. Hopefully it will open a dialogue about newer, safer printmaking techniques and the benefits of non-toxic art-making methods.

As a member, I was invited to submit works toward this, we could have 20 pieces in, and the committee, would choose up to ten. I submitted 18, and had ten chosen, which is so cool, and makes me feel accomplished, it's been five years of learning so far, and I'm a quick learner, and I'm self taught, and I've gone through some years of self doubt, but those have been few and far between. Though it's only five years, I feel comfortable in my artist skin, and feel open to whatever advice, or teaching I get.I have concentrated on on etching , and relief prints. I was lucky very early in beginning, to have two strong teacher's that had a knowledge, and the ability to teach it, and teach me the beginnings of printmaking.I consider these the foundation, on anything I have ever done since.

So where ever you are Tom Lewis,who taught me non toxic etching, and Antonio Fonseca,who taught me relief printing, I thank you both with all my heart, you sparked my interest, and shaped much of what i am doing now. I think you would both be proud of me.

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