Tuesday, December 02, 2008

tea city

I'm not sure if there is a tea city, but if there is, I'm a citizen.

A lovely flickr friend, sent me a tea gift certificate, for $5 dollars off, and I figured, I have to check this out, because money off, if well money off. So I went to Adagio teas to check it out, I was able to purchase a black tea sampler, with 6 teas, and a special blend made for my zodiac sign.

I received it in two days, with no extra postage paid, the 6 cannisters are packed full, and the tea is awesome, it's actual loose little leaves, not dust in a bag like most tea bags. My favorite flavor so far is golden monkey, now I know it was the name that attracted me first because sometimes I am a 12 year old , but it's smooth and yummy just like a great black tea should be, and I love to add milk to my tea, and it only added to it's wonderfulness.

So if you want to be a citizen of tea city, why don't you come by and have a cuppa, the water is always hot enough.


Cybergabi said...

Oh, I'd love to - if it wasn't for that vast amount of cold water between us ;-)

Tracy said...

i'd love it too, specially around the holidays where you could pop over for a hot cuppa and warm talk.