Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays

~~Happy Holidays~~

So this year it's Christmas Eve, at my house. Family is coming. I've made skateylleven Italian meatballs, so we won't run out. I have munchies for the crowd to graze on, drinks to drink, and I look forward to the whole loud mess, as usual.

We'll have NORAD tracking Santa, on the computer, to see where he's been, and where he's going to.It's all computer generated, but it gives me chills , plus watching my younger niece and nephew, watching it with excitement, is enough to put any Scrooge into the Christmas spirit.

There will be music playing, and the dog will get lots of goldfish crackers, from the kids.The only thing missing is my sister and her husband, she has to work a 12 hour shift, so there's no question, the girl has to sleep.They will be missed.

There will be the massive un-wrapping, paper flying ,as people open gifts.It's easy to miss what people get.Something my husband decided one year, the year he decided to buy gifts before Christmas, it was for the 3 of us to open our presents , together after everyone else went home,mostly so he could enjoy our son's, and my reaction, on the job well done, he did in buying gifts that year.
and he did really good.

Whatever your holiday traditions, be them old or new,I hope you have a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukkah, or a festive Kwanzaa, and a most Happy new year.


Leslie F. Miller said...

I always find myself let down on Christmas morning. It's not because the gifts stink. It's because the fun of Christmas is all the days before it gets here. The day itself means the end of such a colorful period.

Merry Christmas to you. Hope you have a great time.

Tracy said...

i'll have to agree, i hope I get better, at enjoying this quiet little moment after, but I don't as much.
though I am working at getting better at it.

merry christmas to you, also.