Saturday, December 06, 2008

day 155 | stop mo laundry

This was my first foray into trying stop motion, using Windows Movie Maker.
It was unreal how many times the program crashed, and I restarted over and over.

What the hell Microsoft,were you thinking when you created this program.Lets create a program, that's kind of lame, and crashes alot, once the person using the program gets really proficient at it, you crash and freeze up more.Seamless interface would be a lie, it was more like dogged determination, that I would prevail.
I don't want to sound totally disrespectful, for this program has been helpful in my learning curve, of video. which i really like doing. :)

But at the end of it I got tired, of taking a single still, and did video.I compressed 7 minutes of still photos into 1 minute, shooting 95 stills, and adding a little video at the end.

the music is by engeo


Mrs. G. said...

That was a really good way for me to pretend that I have done laundry.

Tracy said...

glad I could be of assistance :))

Sandy's Notes said...

Tracy that was fantastic! I know what you mean about movie maker. I found that saving very often helps a lot. It's so frustating to have to do anything over.

This movie was great, I might just give it a try.

Tracy said...

thank you Sandy, you should try it it's a lot of fun, after you get over the frustration.