Friday, December 26, 2008

the dog and the chocolate cake

dilo:december 21,2008

It began quite innocently. I received this really cool plate, from my friend, for Christmas.
She mentioned, she had wanted to make a cake to put on it, but she didn't have time. I assured her I would accept this cake anytime later, and not to worry about it.

So on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, she made the cake, a German chocolate cake with coconut pecan glaze, and dropped it off, my husband happily accepted it, and placed it on the counter, meanwhile I was asleep because I had worked the night before.

Tom was in the other room online, reading his blogs, when he became aware of the rustle of wax paper.You see the cake was covered in waxed paper. He came around the corner, to see our dog Wilma eating the cake, it was a star shaped cake, and well now it was missing a point.

Wilma is a 60lb, English coonhound.Who eats pretty much anything you'll give her, except maybe figs.

So like any good dog owner, he called the vets, only to get their answering machine, after all it was Christmas eve. So then he went to the internet, and read the awful things that were due to happen,hyperactivity, extreme thirst,then vomiting, and diarrhea. All these symptoms would occur in 1-3 hours. About the time all our guest would arrive.

So about 3:30pm I woke up, to Tom telling me the story I just told you.The ending of the story, I'm happy to report is boring, nothing happened, she got none of those symptoms, and enjoyed her Christmas Eve just like all dogs do, cleaning up potato chip crumbs, possibly getting a raw carrot that fell to the floor, or a goldfish cracker or two.

Am I telling you this tail, umm tale, to tell you that chocolate is good for dogs, no, not all all.I'm telling you so maybe you'll make sure the chocolate cake isn't on the counter, within reach of the dog.

I'll have to say the only thing Wilma does when we have a piece of the cake,Yes we still have the cake, come on people I wasn't going to throw away the whole cake, I just cut away the dog nibbled part. She looks at it longingly, because well we are not sharing.We don't want to push our doggy luck.


Doris Madsen said...

I would have done the same, meaning eating the non-dog mushed part of the cake. Happy New Year, Tracy.

Sandy's Notes said...

Happy New Year Tracy! I have the same problem, only with my husband. One time a kid dropped off a fruit cake, I was asleep. By the time the kid got down to end of the driveway, he realized the cake he'd given us was the wrong one. So he quickly turned around and knocked on the door, politely asked my husband for that cake back, and he would gladly give us the cake we were supposed to get. My husband had already eaten some of the cake and told the poor child. The kid's jaw hit the floor and didn't know what to do. In the end after I woke up, I could only shake my head and laugh about it. The cake was good, but the poor kid had to explain himself; I'm sure my husband got the blame, and rightfully so.

Who needs dogs when you have a husband like mine!

aikitherese said...

Haha...oh that's great!!

Wilma's a sweetie...even if she steals cake :)