Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I've been continuing on my daily yoga goal, and it's been working, less pains, and twinges, more standing upright with better posture, in my past life I was a hunchback, and at times I try to return to that posture, as it's so attractive, on my flabby little body.

I have been doing daily rounds of sun salutation .
Now would I just start doing sun salutation on my own without taking a yoga class at all, I don't think so, I think I would be confused, and not get the full benefit. But In saying that, I tend to obsess and worry about things, I'm not sure of, and that gets in my way of just following the directions, and figuring it out on my own.I think the link I posted, is clear and concise, so you could figure it out by yourself, but I recommend if you have the opportunity to try a yoga class, like an Introduction class. Do it!(now!)

So if your couch to 5K plan, isn't doing the things for you that you thought it would, maybe some daily yoga, would fit better.It would support those twingy knees, and sore backs, that sometimes speak very loudly, and won't budge. Yoga will quiet all that, make you stronger, more flexible, get you in tune with your body.

Like the Nike ads say, just Do It!

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