Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the bitch is back

some days you just have to bitch.

Today was a good day, though it started out late. I had one of those surreal moments this morning in bed, as I looked at the time, it wasn't registering in my head why my clock read 8:15am, not 7:30. My brain briefly asked "why is the time, wrong on your clock?" Then quickly recognition came to me, " damn, I'm running late, there is nothing wrong with my clock!!"
Uggh thud, out of bed I slow motion moved, to get showered, fed, and off to the studio, my plan to get there earlier wasn't happening today.Why I thought I would somehow wake up with out an alarm,is beyond me.
What else is beyond me , is my inability to commit to exercise. It's annoying to me how I can find reasons not to do it, yet dislike the squishy over 40 belly I have become.
You know what I'm talking about , that belly that showed up one year, in the forty somethings, like some uninvited relative that just won't leave. It just hangs around like a life preserver, for just in case, I drown on the couch!?!
I mean honestly , what is my issue? When I begin regular exercise my body loves it, I get that endorphin buzz, I get more energy, more flexible, less concerned about my less than perfect body, I begin to accept it, because I'm more in tune with it.I actually feel , dare I say empowered.
I unfortunately am really good, at falling off that wagon, over indulging on sweets, becoming more sedentary, more achy. Man, what a whiner I can be about this.
I started the Ass project '08 in august, I was doing well, until I pulled some back muscles, I may want to hang with Mr. Bowflex, but I ended up overdoing it to the point of back spasms...which frankly sucked. It stopped me dead in my tracks, did it stop me from returning to a jiggling goddess? No!
What saved my back muscles, and the soon to be developing hole in my stomach, from all the Motrin I was taking, was yoga.
Yoga, that four lettered word, that frankly I should be wanting to hear, was my lifesaver, it stretched out my very tender muscles, it decreased my pain, and cripes, it even kept my arms firm.Without endless rep of bicep curls or tricep extensions.I made me use my own inflating weight, as the weight I would lift to keep my muscles strong, firm , and flexible.
What a concept! This is the ultimate in no frills exercise equipment, I guess it's true, that all you ever need to succeed is yourself.So this may be the day to vent my flabby little spleen, but it's the first day, of my commitment to daily yoga.
In 39 days will be our Print Fair North, at our studio, I'm using that as a small reasonable goal to aim for, daily yoga for the next 39 days, if it doesn't change my body, in strength, and flexibility, then I can stop. Become a couch potato, grow that third chin to accent the developing second chin, I've been growing, and wallow in self pity (waaah!)

But I believe, I will discover, the exact opposite.(fingers crossed)(see, more exercise)


Sandy's Notes said...

Okay this is just too funny, and yes I know this is an old saying. I tried yoga once, they were burning some insane insense and I had to leave, my asthma kicked in. Horrible I know, but after seven years of ballet, you would think I would do yoga all the time because I know how important it is to stretch. Well, if they get rid of that damn insence then maybe I would do it.

Anyway, seriously, I do stretches daily and it really helps me. How do I know, because sometimes I don't do it and I feel pain. Pain and I just don't get along. So I stretch and stretch. So keep it up, it'll do you good!

Keetha said...

That is awesome. You have a great attitude.

I've tried yoga once. It was years ago when I was pregnant with dear son. I used to do ballet a lot, like when I was young.

Maybe I should revisit yoga.

Tracy said...

thanks sandy and keetha, yeah daily is the way to go.
thank you for appreciating my humor and my attitude.