Sunday, March 30, 2008

happy birthday ,Zack! part un

I think as a blogger,and a Mom, it is correct of me to write somethings about the birthday boy.As it is his nineteenth birthday, what better time to tell it like it is.

19.his favorite hat.He went through a hat phase, all he wore was this baseball cap until it was smelly and faded. a well loved cap. I believe he wore hats exclusively for 3 or 4 years.

18.Swing! He definitely is an all or nothing kid.He's playing at a friend's house, here he is giving it his all.
17.psyched! this is his 3rd birthday, and he got a Batman helmet, he wore that for the rest of the day, plus his BFF Luke gave it to him , so he was all the more excited to receive it.

I believe he is saying " COOL!!"

16. naked and grinning - and flashing your mom, is a lot of fun. His expression delights me.

15. the right tool ,for the right job -during the hat phase, He also loved to dress up from carpenter, to Indiana Jones, to a mean Ninja Turtle.He also wore the knees out of all his pants.

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