Friday, April 11, 2008

video on flickr!

I belong to flickr, it's a great photo sharing site. There is as much of a community there, as there is here. The newest development at Flickr is the advent of being able to upload 90 seconds of video.
It seems like progress to me, another avenue to create and express yourself visually.

What has surprised me is the vehemence of people against it! Like huh??? The commentary has been amazing to read. There is even a group at Flickr against it, and they have an online petition you can sign to voice your disgust. The people against feel it will destroy the sanctity of the still photograph. Are you serious!?!

This is my take on it, I feel that the same wonderful, real, hugely creative people, that take those breathtaking , and charming photos, I love will, do the same with their videos. And I'd like to say for the record here, that very thing has happened. I now am able to supplement the photos, I love with these rich little video clips from their life, and frankly I am in love with it. It gives me the warm fuzzies, it makes me feel good and smile alot.

and honestly, it's only a video, if you press play.


Mrs. G. said...

Can I tell you how much fun it was to see you and hear your voice. Now I feel like I really have a sense of who you are. How cool! You look so much like my friend Becky-that's a compliment.

I didn't know you should soak sweet peas-good info.

Tracy said...

they have been really fun to do, as a type of self portraiture. I'm flattered I remind you a friend.

yes it just help loosen that outer skin so they can burst out of the little seed

Joy! said...

Hehe I just wrote a very similar post! I see it as another medium for creativity. It's up to the users to make of it what they will. It could be tacky, it could be wonderful, just like the stills.