Saturday, March 01, 2008

artist statement , take two.

This whole artist statement thing, had me feeling self conscious. Then life got in the way.I've been too busy over the last couple days to fret about it. And that was due Friday.I kind of forgot about it.
I was lending my convalescing friend some much needed internet time,I have a connection, she does not.She surfed and answered email, while I ate breakfast.Later when she went home and I was about to turn into bed,I realized, aak! I can't sleep yet, I have to email off my statement,that I haven't written, yet!!
I had this little gem tucked in the back corner Of Word, and I'm so happy I found it. I neatened it up, finished my sentences, punctuated too.

Often I feel with printmaking, as if I am being let in on some wonderful secret, like a prize or a treasure, and how can you adequately describe that.
When I create a piece, it’s usually rooted in something personal, something related to me; it’s also fixed on whatever technique I am using at that point in time.
I find myself looking at everyday things, being in awe of their beauty, and immediately, thinking of how can I recreate this image through printmaking? How can I recreate that feeling again?
So often it is my love of a particular method that fuels the images I make.
From there it’s a forward process, in creating the block, to printing it.
With my relief prints, it’s often about the carving, what kind of curved line can I create.
I draw my images directly on the block or transfer them from photocopies of drawings I’ve made.
It’s just a matter of carving away the block, and sometimes adding cuts, not in the original drawing as I go along. This occurs depending on how fluid I can make them; the more effortless it is the more I spontaneously add to my original idea. It definitely is this immediacy that forms the image, and attracts me to the relief process as whole.


~Sheryl said...

What a great statement. I'm glad it worked out so nicely for you.

I love that block (is that the right term?) of the leaves - very very cool.

Tracy said...

yes, that's right it's called a block.
thank you, i like how the leaves turned out too.