Friday, February 29, 2008

the lucky leap.

I don't have a remote for my camera, so I did this by timer, this was my first attempt, and my only successful one the others I was preparing to jump or had just landed.
I was a little on the fence of posting it, but I said to myself "f*ck it,I'm gonna be brave and just do it. regardless of the bulges or my hot sexy Sorels(haha) and oh by the way it was 19 degrees out too!

I also love, Wilma in the background, thinking (again) what is that silly human doing, now?!?!

I figure I have 4years to either buy a remote, or perfect my timer jumping.
Cheers to a great leap year!


Sandy's Notes said...

This is really cute. I'm glad you posted it. I think you can jump better than I can!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Leap Year to you! Wilma definitely does not look amused...almost as if she's seen you do strange and unusual things before. Hmmm...

~Sheryl said...

I LOVE your Leap Year pic!!

It's amusing how we can so read our animals' minds. Mine often think what the hell are you doing now?


Tracy said...

sandythanks I'm not sure I have any skill, but it was fun trying.

mrs.g. no, she does not. Guilty as charged, she has seen this freakish behavior before.

sherylthanks!it definitely keeps me amused.