Sunday, December 16, 2007

snow days

Last Thursday ,we had a really good snow storm, well I guess the people that had to drive in it, maybe weren't so thrilled, but I was home it was my day off, and I was psyched!(translation excited.) My son was equally psyched, as he got released early from school, and they had a two hour delay the next day.

Then comes this weekend, and on Saturday night more of the white stuff arrived, except this time I was at work.Was I afraid to drive home in it? No, secretly it thrills me, what was not so thrilling, was that the city I work in and the surrounding towns, hadn't really thought that plowing should be their first prerogative. It was Sunday morning, maybe they hit the snooze one extra time, or had one more cup of the delicious coffee, before they went out and started clearing the roads, or maybe they thought who works on the weekends?

Me, I work on the weekends, and holidays, etc, and if you want me to get to my job safely, and take care of your sick loved one in the hospital, I have to be able to get there. Hospital's are open 24/7 they don't close down on holidays (wouldn't that be nice for me) they don't close on weekends, especially Friday nights, when college students feel the need to do one too many shots, and pass out cold, and then their frightened, but drunk friends, call the ambulance to bring them in. It also doesn't close during a snow storm , for those people that feel they need to climb a ladder to clear, the snow off their roof, and end up clearing themselves off too, into a bank of snow , bruised to a royal purpleness. No we're there to take care of you. How about returning the favor? So my one small request, clear the roads, when it's been snowing for the last 3 hours.

Did I get home that Sunday, of course. It puts another notch in my snow driving belt, I can now sign an affidavit, for the Subaru Forrester people, and tell my funny story how I drove home through mostly unplowed roads, in one of the lower drive gears, I didn't slip or get stuck. I did have some precarious drive and dodge moves where I had to avoid, people that were out in the snow and should not have been, but that'll be another charming post for some other time.

Do I have snow tires for my AWD Subaru, you betcha, but that's because they don't plow much at night either, just like on the weekends. When I had to return to work that night, and the big fat fluffy snow flakes were streaming before me, was I concerned, about the less than perfect visibility, No! Because the roads were plowed perfect, and after my drive in snowy cookie dough that morning, and few thousand snowflakes were nothing.

ps: to you snow plow drivers that were out before I was on the road Sunday morning, Thank you.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm glad you made it home safely. And look at all that beautiful snow. It really is a winter wonderland.

I have an Outback...I love that sturdy little car. Take care, T.

Tracy said...

it truly is,a winter wonderland.
i love the new icon with the red shoes... too cute.
Subaru's rule for snowy driving.

Marie said...

There is some satisfaction in overcoming adverse conditions, and feeling confidence that one can handle whatever comes. Or slogging through situations that most people would find daunting. It's almost an attitude of perseverance. Eh, what's a little ___? :)