Friday, December 28, 2007

After the holidaze

It's over,Christmas is over, I have two large trash bags full of just wrapping paper!It was amazing and exhausting,do I find it depressing? No!
I'm a little baffled by the post holiday Christmas blues, but that's said more out have never experiencing it, then incredulous outrage at the thought.

Our family gatherings were split and separate this year, His family on Christmas Eve, mine the day after Christmas, and Christmas we spent at his sister's, lots of fun, lots of good food,and a nice pinot noir.

I served a spinach lasagna, and italian meatballs, and garlic bread, plus a table full of things to munch on; nuts, cheeses,chocolate graham bunnies. On Christmas Eve we tracked Santa via NORAD ,yes that's right, Virginia... NORAD! Who knew that the North American Aerospace Defense Command, also kept track of Santa. If you've ever believed in St.Nick, or have kids that believe in him,this is a lot of fun, especially if you have a partner to view it with, like say my 4 year old nephew, who was so happy and excited, and dropped the greeting" Feliz Navidad", often.
I received some really nice presents, a blooming Christmas cactus was one of them, and one of those easy to use corkscrews, no more pieces of cork to spit out.

On Christmas day we opened our presents, My husband still thinks I wear post earrings, which i haven't in a decade, luckily no feelings were hurt. I find with work , and having to wear a mask that posts get caught, or torn out, and french wires, may be removed just as easy, but no one looses an earlobe over it.
I received a great iPod docking receiver, my son and I both own iPods, and we can put either one in it, it'll be nice for up in my home studio. To crank those playlists.We also had our annual cinnamon rolls. Don't be too impressed , they are the Pillsbury kind, that come with the little can of frosting, but they're a fun Christmas memory.Then in the afternoon, we went to his Sister's house, she had some good food, and snacks to nibble one, the pinot noir was flowing. It was another relaxed day, plus we had turkey.

On the 26th, my family came with lots of presents in hand,see above photo, my mother is a force to be reckoned with, and she buys everything you want and then some. My sister too, and myself we have learned well from my mother. It was kind of cool to see the amount of gifts, but oy! all that paper. We also got to meet Zoey the littlest puppy, too cute and fun, and my dog Wilma didn't mind her much, though when she got too close to her when she was eating, she gave her a growling little smile, that put the puppy in it's place. Of course there were also dog gifts as well as people gifts, Wilma received a squeaky raccoon, and Zoey received a squeaky pheasant, which was as big as her, but she attacked and gnawed at it happily.We had ( in the house that night, but it was a lot of fun.

And yesterday, finally it was over.
The tree is still up, and will stay up until New Year's Eve, I'll take it down on New Years Day, it's a safe activity, if you've had some fun, maybe too much fun on New Year's Eve.
All in all it was a very nice holiday.


Mrs. G. said...

I am suffering no post holiday blues. In fact, I'm savoring these last days of vacation.

I got an iPod home's an alarm clock too. Pretty cool, huh?

At least your husband knows that your ears are pierced. One year, mine gave me friggin' clip ons.

Happy New Year, Girlie!

Tracy said...

happy new year mrs.g.

I guess I should be glad he knows they are pierced.

Too bad you don't live closer we could hook up our iPods to each other's computers, and pick and choose the songs we wanted to take out of our respective iTunes music libraries, and rock out, and embarrass our teenagers.

Sandy's Notes said...

Congrats on enjoying the holiday Tracy. I enjoyed my day of, it was wonderful. I'm looking forward to a different way of celebrating next year!