Sunday, December 09, 2007

my perfect tree

, originally uploaded by ms.Tea.

I know your saying to yourself, "no, i have the perfect Christmas tree", but I'm sorry that's not true. I have the most perfect tree, full of ornaments from the last 20 years.It's perfectly shaped, and fits in the room perfectly.
I'm all about the whimsical ornament, many are from Hallmark, with the little date mark showing. I also have an attraction to painted wooden ornaments.

One year my mother in law was getting rid of some ornaments she didn't want any more. I kept them and gave most of them to my sister, and kept the wooden ones for me. They're the ornaments i hang low on the tree, that are unbreakable. I know that's something my Mom did,but she had a lot of glass ornaments, where I have very few, mostly unbreakable, but i still hang the wooden ornaments at the bottom for the little ones in our family.

This tree is also perfect, because it's little branches can handle all different sized and weighted ornaments.Those little resin figures may seem cute, but they are sold and heavy, and not all trees can handle that.The hard thing with that is, if the branches are going to be strong most likely the needles will be pinprick sharp...and these are. So who ever said you can't put lights on the tree in leather garden gloves?

Lastly the scent, is matter how hard Yankee Candle may try they can never truly capture this rich pine scent, never.


Marie said...

Oo. You're right. This is the most awesomest tree! I will hop over to Flickr in a bit to enjoy it in larger glory. :)

Sandy's Notes said...

I think you're right too tracy, it is a beautiful tree. I have many ornaments too from over the years. I've bought one for each of my kids since the year before they were born. They are 21 and 19 now so that means 40 of my ornaments are not mine.

I love the wooden painted ones too. I have some old ones that I cheerish.

Mrs. G. said...

This is a spectacular tree.