Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I love vacations.

I'm not afraid to take them, and request as many as I am able to each year.
The summer are prime weeks, just like if we were talking about your weeks at a vacation timeshare.

Where I work we request the summer weeks by seniority, thank goodness, I have hung on for 21 years,i'm 3rd from the top.
I'm a nurse,and after that many years this where the benefits get good, or you figure out the system to have a life and not go nutty and burn out.

We spent our summer vacation , as we always do camping, it's relaxing, many books are read, and games of rummy are played too.
There are walks down the nature trail, and swimming in the icy cold spring fed pond.
I tend to take a lot of pictures of the clouds, or the flora and the fauna, and always of us, and our little campsite we set up.

Over the many years we have camped together, we have brought bigger tarps, tastier and easier dishes to make.
This year we introduced the ShiskaNator it's our new shish kabob grill, it's long enough for many skewers, and frankly all you have to clean up are the skewers and some silverware.

ah camping is a good thing

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Robin said...

Camping is the best! :)