Friday, July 22, 2005

the picture that got away

Earlier today I was at the studio.
I was a hot humid day, even with the AC going.
It was a fair to middling printing day,I had more mishaps than successes.I destroyed a plate, had a roller marks on my prints...i haven't done that in years...Yikes!

well they can't all be masterpieces.

So later I am home,after my lengthy drive, sitting in the back yard, surrounded by tall groups of flowers. An armful of Beebalm, a forest of Echinacea, I'm there chilling with a cold beer,grimmacing over my dissapointing printing day.

In speeds a tiny green hummingbird, he's excited ,peeping as he darts from flower to flower, trying to decide, where to eat first. He doesn't care I am there, he does fly over,hanging in midair, seeing what I'm all about.Does he really notice me, can he smell me,do I smell? Then in a flash he's off drinking sweet nectar.
If that wasn't cool enough, my hungry friend, zips off and returns with a tiny green twin, to continue feasting on the beebalm.

alas my camera is no where close, all I can do is sit and observe them.I smile while I witness their bravado against the competing bees,shooing them away, guarding the flowers for themselves.

and in that instant, it doesn't really matter that I flubbed up my prints.
my disappointment is fading away , then gone.

and I am very thankful.

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Robin said...

Sounds like a positively wonderful moment!

Well, how about that - a fellow New Englander blogging buddy and Flickr friend! :) Thank you for your kind comments on my pictures (Just Me Robin). Nice to meet ya!