Tuesday, July 12, 2005

6 x 8 = 48 - 2 = 46

46 multicolored snapdragons (should've been 48 but 2 were "no shows")
24 pink and white cleomes *
18 multicolerd asters (6 left)*
1 foam flower
2 blue salvias
2 perrywinkle scabiosas
1 golden echinacea
1 corydalis
2 dark purple heucheras
1 blue hosta (that I divided into 4)
2 white echinaceas
2 dark blue delpiniums
1 nasturium
2 wooly thymes
1 stone crop*
1 worm grass

a lot of kneeling,
hauling water....then watering
waist bends,
digging then planting
and some judicious weeding and like magic you have a flower garden.
well not like movie magic, but with time there is going to be a mess of flowers blooming around mi casa.

*not planted yet :)


Jessica said...

holy crap that is a lot of flowers just think of all the kneeling and bending you will have to be doing.

Katie said...

Makes me tired thinking about all that, but I wish I could have lots of flowers in my yard! I did my first ever "planting" of some peacock orchids in my front yard, but all I have seen so far are green leaves. I guess I am to impatient- I want instant gratification! Hopefully, they will bloom and I can get some nice pictures for my Flickr!

Tracy said...

it was one of those things, everything was on sale then i had...alot ALOT of plants