Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the cat upstairs

Sounds kind of mysterious.
It isn't really, It's my cat Megs, adopted from my sister, when she moved away.

Megs is a bit of a shy cat, she doesn't like our dog Wilma.But she loved her old dog Cali, but that's another story.
She truly is a one person cat, you become her end all and be all, but that's the way she like ifs ands or buts, your hers.
A typical bedtime scene consists of me sliding into bed and Megs minutes later padding over , she doesn't jump into the bed , she has to do a stretch, claws out into the bumper that protects my butt from the hard edge of the waterbed.
which if you own a waterbed, you know what getting in one is like, it's a bit like falling back into the water, the same way you would if you were say snokerling.
So now i am cozy in my watery cocoon, joined by Megs.
She has a body slamming way of showing affection, and once she's plugged into you it's very loud purring until I either fall asleep and don't hear it at all, or maybe she drifts off and becomes silent.
Tom comments on how loud she is, which a sudden move from him, sends her bounding off the bed, she tolerates him,it seems but really prefers sleeping on top of his pajamas, after he's out of them after all. Like i said she is a one person cat.
what better time to end this meandering piece about one of my favorite sleeping partners.

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