Thursday, January 10, 2008


Where my studio is located, where I continue my self education of printmaking.
Is also the studio of Hilary B. Price , who has a funny website Rhymes with Orange and a new equally funny book called Pithy,Seedy,Pulpy,Juicy.
We were reading it at the studio, laughing out loud. She has a way of capturing the humor of everyday which is hilarious. I suggest you run,not walk and buy this book.*
You will be laughing at the register as you buy it, because you know you will be thumbing through it. And if you do mail order, your box will be mysteriously not damaged but retaped because the UPS or the Fedex driver will have opened the box to read it and laugh hysterically too. I'm telling you it's that funny.

*this may also be a presumptive review of the book as, I read half of it,and was blinded by the tears I had from laughing, so I'm buying one today, when I go back to the studio.


Mrs. G. said...

I'll check this out. I'm always on the lookout for a laugh. Your studio sounds like a fun place to hang.

Marie said...

Oo! How lucky to work within the realm of Hilary Price! Love her quirky and dead-on humor. The Izoderod lives on in admiring infamy in this house.

We are lucky to have Rhymes With Orange in our daily paper, and it's one of our favorites! Must look for book! Could I possible have more exclamation points in one comment? haha