Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fifty things about my husband

Yesterday was my husband's 50th birthday. I would have loved to have this posted then, but life gets in the way. Besides I was baking him a cake, a birthday fruit cake. Hey what can I say he likes fruit cake.So with out further ado Fifty things about my man.

50.He likes fruitcake, really likes it. Bemoans the fact, he can't find it anymore, like he used to be able to.

49. He is very much my partner in this marriage, it's very 50-50 with him.We split the parenting equally, as much as we split everything else.You know the else: laundry, cleaning the bathroom, we have two so we each take one. He does the cooking more and more, now that I am in the studio twice a week.

48.He makes the best chili, and the best hamburgers too.

47.He makes me laugh everyday.

46. He can fix anything,which I wouldn't trade for anything.

45. He does his Christmas shopping ,at the last minute,every year like it's a brand new holiday he has never heard of before, and didn't realize he need a gift for.

44.Comes home for lunch everyday, he loves to be able to squirrel away in front of the computer, read the latest headlines, and his favorite blogs and gets slightly annoyed when I happen to want to talk to him at that time.

43.Is the king of finding the best deals on Craiglist, he's bought two sailboats,two flat files for me, and our newest member of our family Mr. Bowflex.

42.Is a Capricorn, and procrastinates worse then I ever do.

41.Washes the dishes, granted it's the stuff we can't put in the dishwasher, but he does it.

40.Is a Republican, and loves me even though I am a Democrat, and same for me. He's one of these more liberal people caring Republicans, we both believe in same sex marriage, etc.

39. He sings but horribly off key, which makes it all the more charming.

38. He's a great short order cook, and loves to do a large percentage of the cooking when we go camping. We have a mega huge cook stove, and he makes the best homefries on it.

37.Empties the dishwasher, but doesn't like to close the door completely after, so that clean light stay on, which makes me think, there are still clean dishes in it when there are not.

36.He is patient with my need to complicate things.

35.He drives like an old man, which to that he will tell you I drive with a lead foot.

34.He bought me my first digital camera.

33.He is able to buy groceries , and have it actually be the things on the list.

32.Laughs hysterically at evil, but funny grossness of South Park.

31.He watches The Simpsons faithfully.

30.He eats the same thing for lunch everyday, well he has two choices, either ham and cheese or hot dogs, fried to brown crispiness.

29.Is very supportive, of me, our son, and the weird decisions we sometimes make, or the weird things we do.

28.He is an expert cat holder.You know you need to give the family cat medicine, but they are too wily to just take it, hidden in hamburger like the dog. So you need a cat holder, maybe wrassler would be a better term, so the ill feline can get her medicine.Without destroying any of the fingers of the med giver.

27. He thinks capri pants are the biggest joke on women everywhere, unless you have legs that are skinny and long, he thinks they make your legs look fat and short, and after listening to his reasoning, you know ladies it does.

26.His favorite movies are Casablanca, The African Queen, and Barbarosa.

25.His favorite shows on the food network, are Good Eats, ans the Ace of Cakes, he has a not so secret crush on Mary Alice, the receptionist of Charm City Cakes.

24.Bakes a mean Cornbread, no wimpy pan he uses a cast iron skillet.

23.Has been a good mentor to other oil Burner technicians where he works, explains things simply but completely. I've seen him talk to one of my friend's husband when they had furnace problems, so well that they were warm and snugly on bitterly cold night, last January.

22. He is a good sailor, and spends his free time reading about all things sailing.

21.He is very loyal.

20. He is also very stubborn, but will change his ways when he's shown the error of them.

19. He is trying to quit smoking.

18.He loves to putter around, whether it's cutting up the fallen trees, in our woods,or doing finishing work around the house, he can spend his whole day doing that.

17.He never nags about things.... never.

16.He is a reluctant traveler, he really is a homebody. But with much gentle nudging on my part,he is taking a family trip to Amsterdam this summer.I think it's because we are staying on a houseboat, but shh don't tell him I know that.

15.He is the best reader of kids books ever, I have fond memories of him reading to our son, especially from Dr.Suess, and Roald Dahl.

14.He taught me how to play cribbage, when we were first dating.And admittedly I was quite a sore loser, until I figured out the game. How he didn't burst out laughing at me as i pout through my beginner loses, is a testament to his teaching abilities, or his ability to love me when I'm being a brat.

13.He doesn't drink milk, he has it on his cereal but he won't drink it, it goes down the sink drain.

12.He brushes his teeth after supper, every night, except maybe when we're camping.

11.He gives his opinion when asked, but doesn't get upset if you don't take it.

10.He was in awe of our son from the day he saw him on the ultrasound screen, and has always been one of his strongest supporters.

9.Is a smart aleck, you know the kind you laugh with even though they are giving you a ration.

8.Has a good poker face, and will let me know after I've had to steer the sailboat, into our slip, how nervous he was, but how proud he is of me for not crashing the boat.

7.He loves hosting the family get togethers as much as I do. We love it, but sometimes we wonder why, after they've gone home, when we are by ourselves,giggling at some of the things that were said and done by them.

6.He is one of the nicest men,I've ever met.

5.He walks the dog, as much as he'll tell you our dog Wilma is a dope, he secretly loves her, and spoils her with dog biscuits.

4.He often does the opposite of what I ask, but I do too, so it makes us perfectly matched.

3.He can read a map, though he may not necessarily follow the directions he can read from it.

2.He loves his families (mine and his)even if he likes his peace and quiet.

1.He's my BFF, he gets me, laughs at my jokes, and listens to my disappointments, that I can only share with a BFF.He knew before I did that we would be together,and I thank my lucky stars that he had the patience to let me come to my senses, and find that out too.


Mrs. G. said...

I can see why you love him. Happy Birthday!

Marie said...

He sounds wonderful! I loved reading your list. :)

Jen M. said...

Wow - this is my first visit to your blog and I feel like I at least know your huz pretty well!

And the capris pants thing - total lightbulb moment for me.

Tracy said...

@mrs.g. thanks, I'm glad i made that clear.

@marie thanks, he is wonderful.

@jen m. hopefully not an embarrassing lightbulb moment.