Friday, July 04, 2008

Amsterdam Holiday (continued)

Zaterdag, 7 June Amsterdam

We are now well rested, it's amazing what a little jet lag will do for your sleep, I think we slept at least 9 hours,it's amazing, how it can change your outlook, on things. We are happy, and ready to go. well kind of. we all, us the parents, and the young man, are having a little trouble agreeing on an earlier time to get going, we'd liked to get out of the houseboat before noon, and well Zack has other ideas.

So Tom takes a walk to our local bakery, returning with some yummy thing to nibble on while we wait for Zack to get moving.

We also continue to leach wi-fi off of someone, and we thank them for that, some morning routines are hard to break.A morning surf with coffee, as we were eating breakfast and watching the canal traffic go by, we are also visited by the water birds on the canal, the ducks and the screaming greebies, and all have babies, as soon as we open the windows, they come by hoping for food, i don't have much to offer.

I walk around to take pictures, and look into the church down the neighborhood, where a wedding is taking place. I heard the bells earlier, but didn't want to be standing out there in my pajamas,just to see the bride.

The weather continues to be a little too warm ,frankly. I am discovering that travel sized deodorant, is really only good for it's size, it really does nothing else. I smell like I've been participating in some sport event.

But regardless of my smell we walk to the neighborhood called De Pijp (say da pipe) there is a great open air market, called Albert Cuypmarkt. You can find anything here. We buy some fresh cherries, some warm in the paper bag roasted nuts, they are salty and fresh, and the macadamia nuts are huge, Manua Loa, should be ashamed at the size Macadamia's they sell, because they don't compare. We also find some AAA rechargeable batteries, for our travel clock that died, 6 hours after we arrived, though it has been running for 6 month straight before that, it wasn't in to actually being a travel clock.

That night we have a great dinner at Meghna(Utrechtsestraat 28) which is just down the street from us, Tom and Zack haven't had Indian food before, and we have a really helpful waiter, who is good at explaining, what's good, and they decide, we all choose chicken dishes, and they are wonderful fresh, and we enjoy it fully. I have a Kingfisher beer, a little hoppy but nice.


Mrs. G. said...

This looks like an amazing world holiday-I would love to go to Amsterdam.

Tracy said...

you would love it, the buildings , the food, the canals.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I cannot believe how serendipitous this is - I spent the day reading my Amsterdam guide book in anticipation of our visit next month!

I was already thrilled but am now even moreso; thanks for sharing your trip :)

(And thank you, also, for your kind words about my family visit - it went really well for everyone!)

Tracy said...

How cool, it's a great city.
Your future trip inspired me to blog on about it some more, hope it helps with your travels.