Friday, May 16, 2008

work , one of those levels of limbo...

that Dante never wrote about, probably because it was his job to write, you know.

I've worked as a nurse for 24 years. I mostly love my job, until the management turds decide, they need to save money by trimming cost such as staff. They tell you out of their lying two faces, that it's about the patient, that it's not about the money (LIARS!) They think that a cool way to cut costs is to minimize staff, because of what they consider a low census,they never take into account the acuity, that would require some thought or a backbone, to make that decision against the matrix, yeah, that's what they call it. A f*cking matrix.

To make this long story short, let suffice to say, I ran around like a freak, keeping my nose above water. or kept my patient's nose above water, between the suctioning, and medication administration, to sending my patient off the floor for a test at 0400, it sucked!

I shouldn't have to be stressed out in an environment, that stressful from the git go, I should be able to take care of my patient, fully...FULLY, no short cuts, no by the skin of my teeth, I should be an asset, because I do a great job, not because I have enough experience to keep afloat. there is something wrong about that type of logic.

I just try to believe karma has to pay those turds back eventually.


Mrs. G. said...

I hope so, Tracey. It's a little similar in education. Resources get taken away and yet more responsibility and paperwork is added on.

I would rather my nurse (who is protecting my life) not be stressed to the max. I hope it gets better or that you win the lottery.

Tracy said...

yes it is very similar.
winning the lottery would be good, though i think you have to buy a ticket.:)