Thursday, March 08, 2007

iPod nation

I should have posted this around Valentine's Day, but I was too busy eating chocolate.
For my family, Valentine's day is very much a "who's bringing home the chocolate" kind of holiday...we're not big into gifts, just chocolate.So this year i bought my portion of the chocolate, and I figured we were set.
It's the usual routine when I work nights, I sleep during the day, get up about the time Tom is getting home, but it's the winter,and he's on call for the heating company he works at,on a service call, so I'm up and surfing the net...specifically I'm looking at , or uploading pictures on Flickr. :)
I hear him come in, say hello from the other room, then i hear him and Zack talking, I'm not really paying attention to them.

Zack:"Mom, come and see these chocolates"

Me:"yeah, I'll be there in a few"

Zack:"no really you have to come see this"

Okay, so now I'm up, I come into the kitchen to see them standing there, with sheepish little grins, and on the butcher block is this heart shaped box of chocolates, except the cellophane is off, and well I'm think there something that will jump out at me when I open it.
so reluctantly I lift the lid, inside the box is empty of chocolate, but full of a new Ipod!!!!!!!!
My first reaction is the ever eloquent "shut -up!"
I pick up the box with the smiling pirate Johnny Depp on the cover,
"you guys, oh my gawd" opening the's a black Ipod, wooo hoooo!!!
"I had no idea, this was a total surprise."
Needless to say i had two really proud guys happy that they pulled off the ultimate V-Day surprise...i wonder what will happen next year.

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