Monday, January 29, 2007

day 167 eyedrops

day 167 eyedrops, originally uploaded by ms.Tea.

where do I begin, with describing my freak accident, in shopping.
I was loading my groceries into the car, i had just finished a shift at work.
i grabbed the bag with the potato chips in it, it was one of those flimsy plastic ones,the bag of chips was big, shiny, sharp cornered.
I hoisted that bag and whap! hit myself in the eye, with the sharp little corner, there was major tearing from this eye,i wiped away some lashes, but my eye still felt like there was dust, dirt, jagged little pieces of glassdust, under my eyelid.

so i look around in that effected eye, and see nothing just watery redness, and then i se it, it's an irregular little island of shine on my cornea, i blink i look again... and f*ck, it's not going away...i have a scratched cornea...!!!!

luckily i was 10 minutes from the Emergency Room, at the hospital i work.I got treated, I'm using my eye drops, which sting like a bastard, and my ointment that smears my vision to this surreal shimmer.

i am healing, i didn't have to take any Vicodin today, which actually are a nice sleepy painfree place to visit, just a few Motrin.

the most important thing this corneal abrasion needs is sleep, and eye rest, so goodnight

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