Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eve of Christmas eve

this year different than any other , we did Christmas on the 23rd, it was a Friday night, and my whole family had the night off,kinda.

it was chaos at it's holiday best.

there was a *terrible twos* two year old, there and he was terrible, and loud, and amazingly rambunctious.

there was the 7 year old, and she was sick... and she puked, all over my living room rug. which honestly, the dog had bled on just days before, and we have been meaning to get another one,as this one had many stains on it. pale beige or umm sand colored rugs, just aren't very realistic, in the world of dogs and kids.
so right then and there, they rolled up the rug and out it went into the cold night air. gone.

so thanks karlie, it's all good.

who knew i had such nice wooden floors.

and then there were those ice lanterns, that never unmolded very well, or at all I swear...I will figure those out. But they wasted my time and stressed me out...

and gift giving was chaotic, too.
You saw nothing of what people gave or received, so next year we...Me ....The Man...and the boychild...er ... the Young man have decided to open our gifts together, after all our guests have left.So we can fully enjoy what other people are getting .

so next year my plan:

one less lasagna

christmas music

baked ravioli

italian meatballs...serve some with supper , and some as an appetizer. while the lasagna and the ravioli heat up.

no more shrimp, it was kind of uninspired, and limp.

dips and chips only.

no puking
no terrible two's
no stress.

just lots of chaotic fun.

Merry Merry and a Happy New Year~
to each and everyone.

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