Monday, October 31, 2005


It has always been a holiday, I get psyched over.
it's not the candy really, the costumes are fun.
I was drawn to the thought of this holiday celebrating witches,
witches riding their brooms over my house, on Halloween.
Leaving a glowing pumpkin on the doorstep,
as a "hello, how's the flying up there?"
like even though I didn't have a broom, I could still
show solidarity with my lit pumpkin.
I became aware that this was somehow a female- centric holiday.
After all witches were females, so that made me one of the girls.

One Halloween, when I was young,My Aunt Laurie, decorated her room,
and invited me in for my own private look.
It was magical. I felt special, and loved, so this is Halloween for me too.
That night on ride home, I looked out the car window, glowing clouds in the sky, as the moon raced alongside the car, and for a brief second, I saw a witch, flying her broom,then she was gone, under cloud cover.
I smiled the rest of the ride home , it was like I was let in on the secret.
I am older now, not so sure of what I know or don't about witches, but I am enamored nonetheless...So I leave a pumpkin, or two or three, burning bright on the porch, to
say thanks, for letting me see they existed.

happy Halloween to you all, and to all a good night.

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